Youth Food Movement UK hosts ‘Kids Taste Experience’ tent at Bristol’s Organic Food Festival

Millennium Square, Bristol Harbourside

11th-12th September

On a sunny September weekend the Youth Food Movement UK successfully hosted the ‘Kids Taste Experience’ Tent at the 10th Anniversary of Bristol’s annual Organic Food Festival.

The ‘Kids Taste Experience’ Tent allowed children of all ages to have fun with Youth Food Movement UK’s SkillShare activities; learning new skills and engendering a passion and interest in food and where it comes from through these immersive activities. Members of YFM UK demonstrated butter making, pesto making, oyster shucking, no-bake cookies, fruity smoothies, a game of Ice-cream football and even apple pressing with celebrity TV chef and mastermind behind River Cottage, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall. Tim Field, of Daylesford Organic and the Soil Association, kindly provided the ‘apple scratter’, to pulp seasonal British apples ready for pressing into fresh juice with the children.  The response from children, parents, and even from Mr. Fearnley-Whittingstall, was one of pure delight and absorption, in fact so much so that YFM UK have been personally invited to attend and SkillShare at River Cottage seasonal events.

The pledge blankets, plain sheets and a pile of pens at the beginning of the weekend, were soon displaying, in multi-coloured writing and pictures, the positive feelings among visitors about their experience at the YFM UK stand and their passion for food. There were even odes to Weetabix in poetic form!

Special guest seven year old Isabella Blake-Thomas, a presenter from Cbeebies ‘The Green Balloon Club’ joined members of YFM UK on the Saturday. Talking with other young people and taking over SkillSharing after a brief introduction, she was a fantastic addition to the team as well as a great DJ, organising music for every one to dance and churn their butter to. Chaperoned by her parents, they couldn’t help but get involved, her father learnt to shuck and BBQ oysters and her mother ate them! All three are now looking forward to helping with future YFM UK events.

Katy Davidson, YFM UK Chair, was forced, due to popular demand, to turn an oyster-shucking demonstration in to a commercial venture. For a pound a pop, the gathering crowd could donate to YFM UK whilst introducing kids (and many previously reluctant parents) to the delights of oysters! Both Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and fellow Television star, ‘Patrick’ from Eastenders partook.

The Organic Food Festival weekend event really was back bigger and better than ever this September with over 150 stalls to visit and opportunities to try tasty organic produce and get involved. The weather was fantastic, the turnout of visitors was high and it was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people. YFM UK had a strong presence and teamed up with RDA Organic to give away free ‘squeeezy or sqqquishy’ juice upon signing up to our mailing list.

The Organic Food Festival was organised by Real Food Festivals Ltd, who organise the annual Real Food Festival each May in London. The events serve to support and encourage small producers to sell directly to the public, as well as the trade sector, and bring together food champions, artisan producers and food lovers in these exciting events – aims that YFM UK strongly share.

All involved had lots of fun and Katy Davidson, YFM UK Chair said “It really confirmed how ready people are for the opportunity to get involved in this informal way and proved the SkillShare as a fantastically simple and engaging format for events-based experiential learning.”

For further enquiries/images please contact:

Megan Saunders

Youth Food Movement UK Press Officer



Katy Davidson

Youth Food Movement UK Chair


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